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09/02/09 03:19 PM #1    

Craig Fisher

Welcome to the Montana Billings Mission Fisher 2006-2009 High School 2006-2009 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/27/10 02:40 PM #2    

John/Emily Loveday


  I would love a little get together at your house!  My vote would be to do it in May cause I will be gone most of June and July on a study abroad.

04/30/10 12:00 AM #3    

Athlene Allred

Me too! I would love to come! I'd also love to go to the Oquirrh Mountain temple!  I'm moving back to Montana in June, so my vote would be May as well, but I'll just stop by if you do it after that.  :)

04/30/10 07:39 AM #4    

William And Andrea Lloyd

 Lee and Andrea Lloyd

We would love to attend the temple with the group. And would also love to visit at the Fisher home. Let us know about dates. We do have some things scheduled also.

04/15/11 05:35 PM #5    

Nickolas Oliver

Don't know if anyone who served in Great Falls knew him:

World's oldest man dies in Montana at 114

03/28/12 06:21 PM #6    

Craig McKinney

I would really enjoy coming as well. I have greatly lacked in being apart of these meetings. Let me know if it is going to happen.

05/14/12 06:20 AM #7    

Mark Tensmeyer

Many of you might already know this, but Pinkie Takes Enemy got baptized earlier this year. Several of us know and love his brother James from Crow Agency in the Hardin area. Many missionaries, including those like me who never served in Hardin, got to know him and have bead stuff from him. Pinkie had been around the Church, had LDS relatives and met several missionaries before being baptized. 

02/19/14 03:38 PM #8    

Mark Henderson

See you guys at the reunion in April! Also- Yay for Pinkie! ^^

07/22/16 07:08 PM #9    

Holly Coombs (Knight)

I was just given word today that Gordon Terry, the bishop in Polson, passed away. He suffered a heart attack and he is in his 50s still. It comes as a great loss to the community and to those who knew him. Please keep his wife, Donna and their family in your prayers. 

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